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How to Get Landscaping Price Quotes

Getting landscaping price quotes can be a time consuming task. It requires calling around to several different landscaping companies, explaining your situation, and scheduling appointments. Many times, a contractor will not be interested in performing the work you need completed. This can be frustrating.

Using a matching service is often more efficient. In just a few minutes, you can describe your need and submit it. Landscaping companies who are interested in the type of work you need performed will then contact you. Most services notify three to four professionals. This will allow you to get landscaping price quotes from multiple landscaping companies.

We suggest that you not submit your information to multiple matching services unless the first service you submit to is unable to suggest a good landscaping company. Multiple requests will lead to a flood of calls because each service will attempt to match you with up to five landscaping companies.

When landscape companies contact you, here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Have a list of questions ready to ask.

2. Take a few minutes to talk on the phone with the landscaping company that contacts you. Ask yourself: Are they personable? Did you get a good feeling?

3. Review their company websites, find customer reviews, and see if other customers had a good experience with the companies you are considering.

4. Ask for licenses and insurance.

5. Ask for a written landscaping price quote and ask for it to be itemizes so that you know exactly what the quote includes.

6. Compare your price quotes to see where you are getting your best value.

7. The cheapest landscaping company is not always your best choice. Look at the overall value which includes quality, timing, and cost. Sometimes it is worth paying more if you feel the quality and timing of a company is superior to that of one with a lower price quote.

Good luck with your search. If you need help, request a quote.
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Receive free cost estimates from landscapers, lawn services, landscaping services, and more...
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